As a tradition within our family, we go to Butlins Minehead every year, and this year was no different. We arrived to this sunny seaside resort on a Friday, and stayed until the Monday and Butlins have never failed to make this experience a memorable one!

We checked in at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, which is when we were given the keys to our ‘home for the weekend’. The difficulty with Butlins each year is that we can never find our way around the map! Luckily, this year was slightly easier as we were staying in a caravan, so we headed right to the back of the park. When we arrived, we were situated by the lake, and it had the most beautiful view! Ducks and swans calmly gliding over the still water each morning, with trees surrounding the entire outskirts. I couldn’t stop taking photos of it! Butlins is full of incredible scenery, and I’m so glad I got to visit during the spring this year, as all of the flowers started to flourish! *there was also a beautiful tree which was at the front of our caravan, so I included a photo of this as well*

After we had checked in, we decided to explore the park (personally my favourite part of the holiday). We checked out the fairground which is actually called Sir Billy’s Fairground (fun fact!)

After we had settled in and unpacked our belongings, we decided to take a trip down to the amusements. If Butlins are known for anything in their time of opening, it’s definitely for the amusements. They have every single game possible, from 2P games, winning tickets, deal or no deal, and even crossy road! I must admit, I do get slightly addicted to the amount of games they have to offer; but when you’re on holiday who cares right?! On the first night, we were all addicted to the key master game. If you don’t know how this works; there’s different prizes all with a key shaped hollow centre, you have to line up a key to fit exactly inside the centre, and that’s when you can win! We must have had a lucky streak because my brother spent £1 and won a huge minion, my sister spent 50p and won a huge Dracula minion, and I spent a £1 and won 3,000 tickets! It’s safe to say we all walked home that night as if we had just won the British Championships!

We had to be up quite early in the morning as we had booked a bowling game. We had never been before as it’s always been so busy (little tip; always book bowling the day you arrive, otherwise you won’t get the chance!). The atmosphere for bowling was great, loud music and lights everywhere. I loved it! Unfortunatly, I didn’t like coming second to last. (I’ll stick to amusements from now on). 

Later on that night (after a little more time of winning jackpots from my brother and sister in law)…

We went back to the caravan to get ready for one of my highlights of the trip…meeting Sam and Mark the TV presenters! Sam and Mark have hosted copycats, came second in pop idol, and are all round great people. The doors opened at 4, but i wanted to be sure to get a seat, and so me being the hero I am, went on ahead and got a table 2 rows from the front, I repeat 2 rows from the front! We were given tokens of which we should vote for the ‘person we liked the least’ out of Sam and Mark (obviously I couldn’t vote and kept it as a souviner)! 

The Sam and Mark show was amazing, I’ve never laughed so much at a show in my entire life! After it had finished, the red coat said that we were able to have a quick photo with them! My heart almost skipped a beat!! We ran to the que, to which we were second in line! It was all a bit of a blur meeting Sam and Mark, but it was an unforgettable experience! 

We had some lunch and watched some WWE wrestling as my little brother wanted to see it (fun times!). And then we went home and had a hard earned nap! (By that I mean we went to sleep as it was late). The next morning, we had booked the Go Karts, I 100% reccomend the go karts to anybody that goes to Butlins, they well and truly are family fun for everyone! You have a certain time limit to ride around the park where ever you like. I went with my brother, sister, and sister in law. It was so fun! We definitely deserved an ice cream after all of that peddling. *side note, Butlins ice cream is THE BEST ice cream ever*. They have loads of different flavours to chose from, and their parlour is so pretty!

  It would be rude to leave Butlins without going on the funfair rides, and so that’s what we did! Our favourite ride of all time was there, but I can’t remember the name!! You’ll just have to trust me when I say it was super fun! The weather was really hot as well, which made it extra fun! 

Because it was such a nice day, we decided to walk along Minehead beach and to get some classic fish and chips to eat back at the van’. It would be rude not to look in the arcades as well, so that’s what we did! At the end of spending our money, we divided all of our tickets we had won, and I managed to snag an adorable pink donut! 

Monday morning was lurking around the corner, for which we had to pack up our belongings and go home. But ‘wait’ I here you cry, what did I do with my 3,000 tickets? Well, over the time of the holiday I had collected around 5,000 tickets. I bought two key rings, and three necklaces. I kindly gave the rest of mine to my younger brother, to which he bought loads of small things, that he will probably never look at when he gets home! But that’s what holidays are about, right? 

Before we left I bought a pin badge from the gift shop, and then all that was left in my purse was 0.52p (fact). That concluded the end of our annual Butlins Minehead trip, and it was another amazing experience. I can’t wait to go back next year and see what Butlins has in store! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, see you soon for my next adventure! :-). 31/03/17. 


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