Welcome back to my blog! Days after I arrived back from Butlins, we were on the road again to visit our family in London. I’ve always been to London around the winter season, AKA when you have to wear 5+ layers of clothing just to be considered ‘warm’. But this time we were visiting in spring. (We were hoping the weather would be beautiful, and it really was!). The journey was quite long, almost 5 hours worth of songs had to be downloaded onto my phone beforehand! When we arrived, we definitely brought the sun with us, it was 18 degrees! 18 degrees at the start of April, in England, is quite a big deal. 

We settled in that evening, and I couldn’t get to sleep until the early hours of the morning; this is because, the transport in London is always busy.  From airplanes flying over our house every 2 minutes, motorbikes zooming down the roads, buses heavily driving on the roads, cars beeping their horns, and not to mention the rickety trains that go by every 5 minutes! Other than that I actually slept quite well. 

We woke up that morning to find out that my brother was ill, and so we couldn’t venture as far as we were planning to.  Instead, we went to explore some shops down the road, as well as soaking up the sun. (Believe it or I actually got a tan). When we came back and had lunch, we went to Clapham Fairground. There wasn’t actually much there, but the rides that we went on were so fun, which made up for it! We passed some really nice scenery, and we also passed Gordon Ramsey’s house! Pretty cool right? Other than that, the day was pretty chilled. 

On the next day, we decided to visit Battersea Park. This park was SO beautiful! We took the long way around, so we were virtually standing on the river Thames! The weather was also really good, which added to the day. 

As lunch time was just around the corner, we decided we that should find somewhere (preferably shaded) that we should sit. We walked into this beautiful ‘secret forest’ as I like to call it. There was a huge running water fountain, flowers and trees growing from every piece of ground, a perfect place to eat our lunch in London.

We then carried on our adventure further into London, to which we found a family of fountains spurting out water everywhere we looked. It was at this point that I realised I was so lucky to be able to visit my capital city. We also saw some beautiful flowers growing perfectly in order. I’m so glad I took as many photos as I did! Whilst I was admiring the scenery, my younger brother took the opportunity to fly his toy drone over the beautiful city of London. (Well on a small patch of grass anyway.)

At this time in the day we had done a fair amount of walking, sight seeing and all round having fun. It was also the hottest part of the day, so we went to seek for some shade under these beautiful trees, which also had a reflective river right next to it. I’m so glad that I got to see the part of London with out the busy people knocking your arms, cars speeding past you, and having to wait 10 minutes just to cross the road, along with the other 70 people. 

As our day was coming to an end, we visited a bicycle shop which were renting out all sorts of bikes and go karts. We shared some with the family, and definitely got our fitness for the day. (Or week). Oh, and did I also mention we met Emma Chambers from the Vicar Of Dibley?! When we arrived back at my nan and grandads house, we played classic games including connect 4, a game of cards, and of course Jenga. The next day was really chilled, as we had all of our family around and enjoyed yet another trip to the Fairground! As our London trip was coming to an end, we packed up our belongings and were ready for the long drive home, before we went; that night there was a beautiful sunset. This just added to the beautiful time we had at London. I’m sad that I had to go home, but I did miss my normal bed! Roll on Christmas to when I can visit London again 🌎 See you all soon! -5/04/17. X


23 thoughts on “LONDON

  1. My daughter recently visited London for the first time. She loved it. And, I loved it when I visited now 19 years ago. Such an interesting place with many beautiful things to see. Thank you for sharing your story and your photos to jog those fond memories.


  2. Love your photos πŸ™‚ I have been to London numerous times but these photos have shown me a new perspective of the city πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing !


  3. I love London!
    I like that your post and photos weren’t completely centered around the “touristy” sites but around places I myself am unfamiliar with. So cool!


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