Hey everyone! So I recently went on a short trip to Dawlish Warren. I have been to Dawlish several times, but never when the weather was as nice as this day. We left early (9:30 early) and when we arrived, the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining, the trees were gently blowing in the wind and the sweet smell of summer was on the horizon. I thought the trees looked particularly photogenic here, which is why I took so many photos of them! Who doesn’t love a miniature palm tree? I know I do! 

We started our walk (and soon came to a halt) when we saw some amusements, so we decided to spend some money in the arcades there. We spent a good hour in there, trying to win pointless prizes in the endless amount of machines they had to offer. I firstly wanted to try and win the new craze that’s going around for my little brother, called a ‘fidget spinner’ (I’m sure you have heard of those by now!) unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to win (but we were £4.00 down already) and so we tried to win as many tickets as we could. My favourite game in the arcades was definitely crossy road. If you haven’t played this before in the amusements, I would highly reccomend it. Although my high score may only be 30, I still think that’s quite an achievement! Saying this, my WORST game from these arcades would have to be the key master. I may have had fun on this game at Butlins, but I’m pretty sure it was rigged this time round, which was annoying! I also went on some claw machine games which again- won nothing, but I guess winning isn’t everything. Anyway, we saved up enough tickets to get my brother a Homer Simpson provisional drivers lisense, because he really needs one of those. My sister also had some tickets and bought a small red mason jar (as if we don’t have 3 at home already!). Either way we all had fun spending our money in the sunshine. 

We then sat down outside the amusements (unaware at the time- we were actually right behind a beautiful beach) and ordered some food. I shared a big cheesy pizza and lots of salty fries with my younger brother and sister, but unfortunately we ate it too quickly for me to even take a photo, whoops! The place we sat to eat was so picturesque, and there was music playing in the background which added to the ‘summer holiday’ vibe. The sky was as blue as it could be- we definitely picked the right day to go out!

For desert we ordered some hot sugary donuts- at this point I was too full to consume one- this didn’t stop me from taking a photogenic snap shot though! We then washed the donuts down with a slush. One of my favourite things about seeing new places, is definitely trying out their slush puppies and rating them /10, sad I know! The score I’d give this particular slush puppie (mainly because the blue option wasn’t available) would be a solid 7.5/10.

After we were all fat and full, we decided to take a walk along the beach to see what was there. (Last time we saw no sand, just water). This time it was quite different. Every single rock was layered and layered with different types of seaweed, the sand was golden with the odd broken shell nestled in between, and the deep blue ocean was glistening in the sunlight, Dawlish beach you did me proud!

After I had admired the surroundings, it was time to take some photos of the beach itself. (With the help of my little brother of course). We were jumping over the rocks as if there was lava underneath, and skilfully, we managed to not get wet once! We saw a crab claw which was kind of weird but also kind of fascinating, and then we nearly got hit by a seagull-which meant it was time to make a move!

We then walked back to the car for a casual drive home in the sun, what a beautiful day it was! See you all next time. 

-21/05/17. X


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